Dog and Boy

If your pet has passed away or if you are preparing for the passing of a pet, you may be considering cremation and cremains preservation as an after-death alternative.  You may wish to consult with your pet’s Veterinarian for after-death service provision or you may contact us directly.

Coping with the death of a family pet or companion animal is difficult and the sense of loss brings about pain and deep sorrow. At Prairie Pet Cremation Services, we understand the feeling of loss and offer a range of services to help pet owners through the complexity of the final life-stage.


If you are considering cremation prior to the death of a pet, we can help with

  • After-death alternatives
  • Information about the cremation process
  • Transportation options
  • Cost estimates
  • Urn selection
  • Cremains dispersal.

Provisional Safe-keeping

If the untimely death of a pet occurs, we provide

  • Safe-keeping for cremation consideration or delayed conventional burial
  • Transportation information
  • Cost estimates 


Clients have the option of personally delivering a deceased pet and collecting cremains or we can arrange transportation services for delivery and collection. 


Clients may:

  • Supply their own cremains receptacle
  • Purchase a Saskatchewan Artisan Urn from Prairie Pet Cremation Services

Service Pricing

The cost of cremation is determined by pre-cremation weight, veterinary costs, applicable taxes and transportation expense (if required).

Approximate costs

Under 1 lbs $120
Small (1- 15 lbs.) $155.00
Medium (16-30 lbs.) $165.00
Medium+ (31-60 lbs.)$175.00
Large (61-90 lbs.) $195.00
Extra Large (91-110 lbs.) $215.00
Over 110 lbs $255

Private Cremation (by appointment only) $450.00

Urns are in addition to the cremation price.